Jaffa. Love. Adventures.

06 May 2023, 19:00
Jaffa. Love. Adventures.

We invite you to dive into the atmosphere of a trending immersive tour — “Jaffa. Love. Adventures." Immersiveness implies deep involvement due to heightened reality components. It means that historical events will unfold very close to the audience; the original sound will guarantee full absorption into some of the events that took place in Jaffa from 1860 to 1917. Accompanied by the actors, we will walk the charming streets of Jaffa from the Clock Tower to the American Colony.

Following the young adventurer, Hannah, we’ll find the now-defunct Kaminets hotel, we’ll listen to George Adams’s sermon and together with the American colonists, we’ll arrive in Jaffa in search of a new way of life. At the end of our tour, we will visit a real German baron’s house, whose son became a famous English spy, and whose grandson became a famous British actor, an Oscar winner and received other honorary awards as well.

Duration of the immersive excursion 1 hour 20 minutes

Idea author and producer: Samoilova Lada

Director: Grudzinskaya Irina

Sound engineer: Vayburd Mikhail


Saturday 19:00
Jaffa. Love. Adventures.
Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv Jaffa, The clock tower

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